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      We offer a wide range of septic products from accessories to full fledged systems. Below you can find a list of the most regularly asked for products we offer. If you are looking for something that you do not see below, feel free to call or stop by and we will do our best to help you find what you need.

Risers: (Height)

6 in       

12 in

15 in

17 in

21 in

Jet and Norweco riser lids


Flat Riser Lids: (Diameter)

19 in

22 in

24 in

26 in


All lids available with or without handles



500 gal

750 gal

1000 gal

1250 gal


Commercial Tanks

Call for size and configuration options


Parking Curbs






Risers: (Height x Width)

6 x 16 in

6 x 20 in

6 x 24 in

12 x 16 in

12 x 24 in

16 x 16 in (Square)


Lids: (Diameter)

16 in

20 in

24 in




Geo Fabric


Bio Jet




Sprinkler Heads


1/3 HP Pump


1/2 HP Pump


Pump Floats


High Water Alarm Floats


Control Panels







Size          New          Refill*    

10lb          $66.50      $57.50


25lb          $136.50    $124.50

50lb          $245.00     N/A


*To obtain chlorine at refill price the bucket you bring in to be filled must be a septic chlorine bucket and must be in reasoanbly good condition.

Concrete Risers and lids
500 gallon tanks, lids and Jet aerobic systems in molds
Plastic risers and lids
Parking curbs
500 gallon septic tanks
Bio Jet
Compressors for aerobic systems
Pumps, chlorinators, chlorine, floats, aerator silencers etc.
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